Early paintings of Hale Arpa, dominated by intense vibrant colors were portraits and nudes depicting self-confident, singular feminine figures set in exotic vegetative environments.  

Between 1990-1995, symbols such as the cross and black, green, red eggs appeared in the series, Body and Soul and Inner portraits. In 1999 she made a radical change in her life. She went to Rome once again where she lived and worked for almost a decade until 2008. Her sojourn in Rome was accompanied with scholarly studies and research in mythology, ontology, depth psychology, eastern philosophy and mysticism. During those years, changes in her understanding and experience brought about new linguistic solutions and style. Plexiglass boxes and paper cuts and paintings on paper created with the photogram technique had now become the new medium of expression for her. In these works she uses the ancient themes of bestial conflict and traditional animal figures representing the universal collision of the opposites.  

In 2005 and 2006 she had major solo shows in eastern capitals like Tashkent and Teheran where she had the chance of visiting the richest archeological and historical sights of the world (after Rome and Anatolia, the cradle of multiple civilizations). The art works of these years mark a new period and in these works as stated by Besir Ayvazoglu, "One can clearly witness the journey of a soul and its heroic transformations within time in all its originality." 

 In 2012  Hale Arpa went back to painting. In the series, ‘’Magnetic Poems’’, she creates in her paintings/collages a poetic-symbolic language derived from multiple sources of inspiration.  Since 2014 she works and continues to explore the feminine aspects of existence, in her New York Manhattan studio.

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