In the second exhibition in Paris, Hale Arpa presents a selection from her most recent work. She has carried out an artistic search on the work of Matisse and Picasso for a long period of time and now this search has come to full fruition in these works being exhibited today in Gallery Philippe Gand.  

This reflective-operational way of thinking about Matisse and Picasso has led to an original well-structured language and has brought into life an authentic personality. The force in the act of painting consists of an anxious search for ‘exact’ formal organization, but at the same time of a force capable of lending itself to the various tensions and the most hidden conflicts of consciousness. These are facts lying behind Arpa’s paintings that she has enriched with a novel complexity of themes.
Our way of looking at Works of art is usually nothing but the response given to the way those paintings look at us. Thus, H.A. materializes this gaze coming from the work, rendering its ‘sight’ explicit by the presence of eyes suddenly exploding among the liberated forms covering the canvas. This gaze renders its sight explicit by eyes suddenly exploding among the liberated forms covering the canvas. Those thousands of circles that have gazed at us from the canvases of Jackson Pollock, now in Hale Arpa’s paintings have been reduced to a few but more direct eyes. These eyes, more evident and rare, now often appear in doubles.

 If we assume that painting creates an imaginary double of the world, Arpa seems to have duplicated this double. The gaze that the work directs towards us is now being looked at by another gaze. This is a look reserved by the artist for herself so that she may let free her artistic impulses while keeping control over the ‘action’ in painting.

Then, we should let these canvases watch us passionately: in them the liberated stroll of the incarnate fantasies takes us into a whirlpool, which another look helps us to see how freedom is won.

Prof. Antonio del Guercio
University of Florence
Dept. of History of Contemporary Art