MAGNETIC POEMS | October 2013


For Hale Arpa in her vital expressive maturity,

In her recent paintings/collages, Hale Arpa brings together existential themes, the presence of loved landscapes and everyday objects and places in an organic whole. This fusion between the intimacy and impulses of the subject, and what surrounds it somehow penetrates and gives rise to images that have an immediate and profound impact on those who put themselves in front of them. The look is captured, without violence but with the effectiveness that has - when it's so intense – a deep tenderness. 

Each of these paintings is a kind of dynamic synthesis between the elements that compose them. Elements that are not dissolved, but that rather stand out on the surface of the work in their singularity of places and objects. Everything that appears carries with it the sense of its different stages: the slow and the long time in nature, the time of the objects that accompany life.

 Artist maturity, I said. This is the point. Hale Arpa has elaborated over time extremely precise and sophisticated tools which here and now find themselves reunited to structure the images.

It's primarily a throbbing, sensitive, vibrant sign, that marks the area of the individual elements of the work at a level that I would say gently feverish.  A sign that specifies things without separating them from each other, but, on the contrary, by offering a reality endowed from her vital rhythm. 

Within the magnitude of those animated signs, color vibrates with a force much larger as it is less "cried".  It is a tender force –and here again tenderness is underlined! - that unifies all with a light that invades and enhances without forcing.

 I want to say that in Arpa’s mature works each expressive element helps us capture an intense empathy within our gaze. I have been following her for a long time now and I've seen her cross different phases of life as a woman and as an artist, always aiming to seek a vital relationship with existence and the world. Today her quest comes to results that stand out within the context of contemporary art in Europe.

Antonio del Guercio